‘Young People Cannot Be Trusted With Positions Of Power’

Hey, I know you are pissed off. I know its hard to accept this but I believe we will be on the same page once am done writing. Am also young, determined and ambitious with the same energy if not more than you got, with the same eager and desire to make a revolutionary change to what I think the old folks didn’t do right. I believe the experience we are gaining is meant to shape our level of dependency.

We are living in a world where you cannot make a mistake, you cannot learn from your mistake, you cannot correct your behavior, you have to pay dearly. Its interesting to me who gets to pay and who doesn’t. Who gets the whole past and who doesn’t. We need to step up and not step down.

It is very difficult to get on to and it is also difficult to stay there. I read this question somewhere, Why do many young people have big certificates but very small minds? This question really hit me with a lot of intensity and reality. We have thousands if not millions of youths roaming around places with degrees but no jobs, with brains but with no creativity, with a lot of knowledge but no wisdom, with a lot of pride but no bride price to pay to get married, with a lot of energy but do not want to work.

“The government has neglected us”, You will hear most of them complaining. My question is, how has the government neglected us? If you can answer this question well then you really have been neglected, but don’t tell me it has not provided you with jobs. We are being taught at school to be creative, innovative and holistic individuals. We are being told further to leverage our skills. As we all know ‘formal education will earn you a living but the power of leveraging your skill will make you a fortune.’ Who doesn’t want that?

I spend most of my free time talking to youths and what I have realized is some of them have small minds. They just think around where they are seated. I have read in most books and its true that the quality of your thinking is determined by the people you meet and the books you read. That is why sometimes I think that its because of the environment we stay in. Am not the most successive person in the world to judge but it is an observation I have made.

They complain about their leaders and how they are not doing their jobs well. These same youths are the ones who were the loudest and the quickest in electing those same leaders just because they promised to build them castles in the air and they fell for it. We need leaders not politicians. A leader knows that leadership is about service and service is what we need not false promises. Tell me, if a youth can elect such a leader how do you expect that same youth to sit in a position of power and deliver to the people? They will be changed by the system that supports the kind of impunity that we are fighting instead of changing the system to fight that impunity we are dying to fight.

I landed upon some funny statistic that almost 60% of the people facing corruption charges in court are below the age of 35 years. This means that if we only had leaders above the age of 35 the rate of corruption would have reduced by more than half. Now tell me if you were an employer who will you give the mandate to lead your company?

In 2018 the President of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta made the same funny comment that young people cannot be trusted with positions of power. He also went ahead and appointed Moody Awour, 91 years old to to Sports Fund Board. Not that there was no young person qualifying for the job no, there are many of them but even their leaders have lost trust in them.

Clearly, something has to be done. Some of us have political ambitions and some want to be leaders in top organizations and companies, others want to start and lead their own organizations and companies. We need to re-task the force and restore our dignity. We also need to be recognized, we need people to believe in us. We are the future. You cannot hope for a better tomorrow by killing the future, empowering the youths and offering them opportunities is the only assurance for a better tomorrow. It’s funny how some people say that if education is the key to success then school is the lock. Can we please unlock it and start having faith in young people, we are the future.

Author: TrizingPoet

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