Velentine’s Day Hustles

Hmmmmm! Guess which week this is? Its that week when the ‘Shawtys’ are sweeter than customer care ,, the level of humbleness in their speech is outrageous “Beb unapumua vizuri ?”

Those are some of the common phrases you’ll hear . Who wouldn’t get flattered with such kind of attention? Even though both of them know very well its just a ploy for the girl to get the expensive gifts for valentines. The guy will still fall into the bait cause he also at the end of the day wants his manhood to get entertained so in short its a game anyway “ Pwagu hupata pwaguzi.” Men across all age brackets will go to the extremes in order to please these ladies for instance a married man will take loans from his friends in order to take the ‘ mpango wa kando’ to a holiday in Naivasha resort hotel. As for our younger men still under their parents care they’ll cook up stories that will crack your ribs up if you ever got a sneakpeak of the messages “ Dad we will making a project on how to create calculus ” and it needs 6K but for a stater I can manage with 4K at least. Others will call saying “ Dad Chlorophyl yangu imeisha na tunahitaji kukuwa na ingine by Thursday Morning na kama nitakosa I wont be able to do the exams it needs 2K , so utumie bursar pesa ” . All this for what? Just to spend a day out lying to each other , while ordering food you all consider expensive just to display a perfect public facade. Later that night is the long awaited hour of the day. Its the time that the man’s illusions and wild dreams are being laid on the white sheet to become a reality making it the peak of the moment.

Author: TrizingPoet

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