The Value Of A Woman Poem by Bonaventure Ogeto

Over the years she has been seen as the weakest
She has been devalued my many
She has been seen as a housewife
Her main office has been the Kitchen
Her role has been to bear children

She has been tormented by many
Called all sorts of evil words and denied her voice
She has been bond to the chains of suffering
Heartbroken by many even her own

She has been raped tortured and abused
Told she is nothing and would always be used
For pleasure and for nothing special
She has  undergone depression 

She has painful memories that cant lay to rest
Looking in her eyes you can feel
The pain throbbing in her soul
You can see the invisible tears rolling down her face

The scars in her body are full evidence of her struggles
She feels shameful for all her flaws, she is only human
She needs to be told that she is strong
Smart, fearless, wise, caring, sharp
Her dreams have not been shuttered

I see a survivor and a fighter
Who swallows her pride and puts her feelings aside
Hides her pain and tolerates your flaws
A strong tolerant and powerful figure
She has made progress every step along the way

She is worthy of all the treasures of the world
Her courage frightens many who think she is weak
She has taken good care of her husband
Made sure her children are in good health

She communicates her love in a thousand ways
She fights for what is hers and for others
She is prayerful
She goes down on her feet to pray for her family
She is light in darkness and a voice of change
She is a lifeguard when the water is too deep.

She should always be built up not torn
She needs to be hugged not pushed away
Her wounds should be filled with love
Hold her hand and her heart close
She is a true gift of nature from above
Her love is unconditional
She is a champion of life.

Author: TrizingPoet

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