The Plummy Angelic

Your melody caught my attention

I even lack the best description

I felt it flowing in my veins


The harmony that comes out
Of your beautiful joyful and cheerful voices
The do-re-mi’s so sensational
Just like the angles of heaven
You are Heroes and Heroines of today

You make the church lively
With the rhythm tone and lyric of the medley
Using your incredible gift of singing
To spread the gospel its an anointing
You are Heroes and Heroines of today

When the angels will blow the trumpet
You will be heavily rewarded
Tick tock walking on the red carpet
You will be Heroes and Heroines of the day
You are Heroes and Heroines of today…

Author: TrizingPoet

A Software Developer in training. A dreamer full of life, illumination, idealism and innovation. He excels in project and business development. He is passionate about poetry, public speaking and story telling. Hobbies: Reading, writing and thinking.

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