I can feel the loss of such a young soul
The pain is itching and everlasting
It is not self chosen, its forced on us
This cup of pain and sorrow is too much
Our own sacred tears are now shedding
This loss has taken away our joy and yours

I did not know you personally
But it pains me you are gone
You were so young, talented, smart, beautiful, energetic
But your dreams, your parent’s expectations and our hopes
Have been cut short and are slowly fading away

I am angry and destroyed from inside
Not because I knew you personally
But because you left without me getting to know you
Maybe we walked past each other at the hallway
Or maybe we even served meals together at the Mess
It pains me that you are not with us anymore

We are sorry we will never see each other again
We cannot talk to you anymore
We did not even get a chance to say goodbye
All we can do now is cry staring at your picture
And ensure the same does not happen to the ones you left behind
Rest in Peace Tabby

Author: TrizingPoet

A Software Developer in training. A dreamer full of life, illumination, idealism and innovation. He excels in project and business development. He is passionate about poetry, public speaking and story telling. Hobbies: Reading, writing and thinking.

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