My Dream

My eyes are so heavy

I feel like am drunk

I had a busy day

Doing what I think can change the world

I lay my head on a pillow

And switch to my sweet slumber land

Hands folded on my chest

I close my eyes and lights fade

Powerful thoughts hit my mind

I realize am not living in paradise

Life is as bad as hell

Though have never been to hell

Again I begin to think of it this way

A better tomorrow and the day after that

What my contribution might be

What will my legacy be?

Then a beautiful dream comes

I see a world better than ever before

A people full of joy and happiness

A world I have been dying to see

I dream of a better education system

I dream of a world free from terror

I dream of youths free from drugs

I dream of love and no hate

I dream of a nation with no dissension

Where peace and prosperity rules

Over the ocean blues

Everybody abiding by the rules

I still remain in a dream

That all these dreams will come true

That we will draw power from our souls

A reality that will end our troubles

This is my sweetest night of all

The journey has already been set

I pray to God that my dreams may come true

For this is the day I can no longer wait

Author: TrizingPoet

A Software Developer in training. A dreamer full of life, illumination, idealism and innovation. He excels in project and business development. He is passionate about poetry, public speaking and story telling. Hobbies: Reading, writing and thinking.

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