My Childhood Memories

Raise up your hand if you miss your childhood. I miss it too. One of the most memorable moments in my life is and will remain to be my childhood, it helped me grow in all aspects of life. I think I would never have been creative as I am today if it wasn’t the experience I had as a child. The kind of environment I grew in might not be as good as the one some of you grew in but it was the best environment ever. I grew up in a small town and the kind of creativity that existed was phenomenal. I would prefer making my own toy car than to pressure my parents to buy me one. I know this might sound crazy but up to today I still draw pictures of toy cars. I was told, “Grow but do not allow that child inside of you to escape.”

I have a tonne of memories but I will just mention a few and don’t forget to add some in the comment section below. My dream has always been to share those memories.

Playing hide and seek. Comment below if you did not. For the sake of those of you who did not I will ‘not’ explain it to you.

Knocking birds out of the air with slingshots. We used to make slings using Y-shaped sticks and some pieces of rubber. I still have one of those at home. We could roast the birds and eat their meat. It was sweet.

Gathering wild fruits from trees. Now this may not be familiar to you if you didn’t grow in rural areas or in places surrounded by forests but I did. We used to eat some fruits I don’t even know how they are called.

Swimming in cold streams of water with friends. Something about this one, some of the most excellent swimmers I know started from here. Am not talking about those who knew how to swim in swimming pools, no. But it was dangerous at times though we didn’t even care. It was an entirely different kind of swimming altogether.

Catching fish with twine and sharpened bits of wire. If you have never done this please come, let me give you some lessons. Even Nelson Mandela did this. I will still do it even at this age if I get time and some company to do it. Who is ready to go with me I know a place.

Molding clay to make toys and small pots. I got myself beaten by my Mum many times because of this. I used to fill my clothes with mud and I enjoyed it. This where creativity starts from. There are some YouTube videos teaching how to do this. You should check them out if you didn’t do it.

Making small houses with sticks. I don’t know why I didn’t become an architect but I was super cool at this. I remember one day I made a big house and covered it with tree branches and slept inside the whole night. My parents went looking for me everywhere. I did regret doing that the following morning when they found me. The kind of beating I received that morning was record breaking. Don’t laugh please!

Story telling. I wasn’t a good story teller but I was good at repeating other people’s stories. You could tell me a story like today and I will customize it and recite it to you the following day like you have never heard it before. Isn’t that cool?

Making toy cars using strings of wire. Do you see the kind of creativity am talking about? If you were being bought toy cars from supermarkets I think you should travel back to time and do this first, it’s super cool. I remember teaching my younger brother how to do it some years back.

Fighting with fellows. I wont say I did this because I didn’t have anyone to fight. I was the smallest and the youngest even in school. I got bullied a lot and I could do nothing about it. Reporting to the teachers or even my parents was the worst thing I could do because the following day I could be bullied double the magnitude. Am glad nowadays am taller and bigger than most of those who used to bully me. Am the beast in the house.

Playing football. This is one of the memories that is shared by most people except me. Not that I hated playing football but I didn’t know how to play and I still don’t know and was never interested in playing but now I do. Am probably the worst at playing football. I would like to take some lessons if I find a good teacher.

Over the years I did not realize what impact these events will have on my life. I later realized it was a stage that I had to pass through in order to grow and be who i am today. Brain development is determined by genes and environment. The environment includes the conditions and events each day after birth (both physical and emotional). So you see it is important to revisit those times and fill them with love.

I would like to hear your story.

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