Mama Africa

To the woman that loved me before I was born

The woman that fed me when I was in

The sea surrounded by water and a breathing mask

Attached to my belly

The woman that lived a healthy life

Ate a balanced diet to make sure I was healthy too


She never got angry at me even when I kicked

Her from the inside with a lot of pain

I never knew whether she could cry

But she still made sure I was safe


The most patient and hopeful woman in my life

She took good care of me for nine months

Risked losing her life for my sake and of all

That I could bring her joy and change the world

Become a leader and unite her people towards

Achieving a common a goal


Taught me all the virtues of life

Gave the highest form of education

For flexibility and adaptability to the rapidly changing

Markets, technology and workforce

That I could be a good couch and leader

Foster effective development plans For the good of my people


Mama Africa gave me the continent of Africa

To protect it, exploit its potential and unite its people

Protect its traditional heritage

Diagnose its problems, prescribe and implement solutions

Train its people and equip them with necessary skills

Develop capabilities of potential performers and produce

Coaches of the highest caliber


That I could fight all vices

The high levels of impunity experienced

That I could be responsible and perform my duty

Elect morally upright leaders and of sound mind

To positions of power and not politicians

Leaders who have a solid track record of development and good leadership


Leaders with good emotional intelligence

Outspoken by deeds and their achievements not words

Leaders thinking about the prosperity of their people

Leaders who think about tomorrow and the future generations

Leaders who will not sell us or subject us to dictatorship

Visionaries who know what the future has in store for us…

Author: TrizingPoet

A Software Developer in training. A dreamer full of life, illumination, idealism and innovation. He excels in project and business development. He is passionate about poetry, public speaking and story telling. Hobbies: Reading, writing and thinking.

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