A Toast To 2018 Poem

This year is fading away 
Do you remember the things that made you laugh?
The people that made you laugh
The things that made you love?
The people that made you love?
Never forget the luck you had the whole year

It has been a ride
It is time to reflect on months gone by
Things done and things not done
Goals fulfilled and goals failed to meet
Smiles made and anger created
Friends met and enemies made
Wealth we lost and wealth we accumulated

It has been far from extraordinary
We have met amazing friends
Done a lot more crazy things
And walked on beauty like the night

Some have achieved their goals
Some their dreams have turned to soot and coal
Some will never see another bright morning
To some baby blessings have been made

I have known that making a difference
Starts with one step, with one foot
Then the next and then the next
No matter what the size of your foot is

Even if the year has gone by slipping
Life seems rife with possibilities
We have survived hard times
So, smile and keep your chin up

January came cold and gray
February short and bright
March gently calmed as spring drew near
She welcomed April showers in

The merry month of May
So frolic, so gay,so green
The June rains just fell
July was the beautiful viewer of life

August the Sunday of summer
September forget me not
October sweet Halloween
No sugar November

December is herewith joy and light
Santa is coming with good yummies
Christmas nears, no time to think
One last farewell to this year
Make glasses clink
A toast to the amazing year it has been

May your Christmas sparkle
With moments of love, laughter and goodwill
May the closeness of friends
The comfort of home
Fill you with joy and happiness

May your heart and home
Be filled with all of the joy
The festive season brings
Wishing you a joyous Christmas
A happy and prosperous new year

Author: TrizingPoet

A Software Developer in training. A dreamer full of life, illumination, idealism and innovation. He excels in project and business development. He is passionate about poetry, public speaking and story telling. Hobbies: Reading, writing and thinking.

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